Digital Panel Network - Dynamic Content

Digital Panel Network (DPN) – Dynamic Content provides unlimited creative feasibilities and ideal visual effect for your brand. It is also an impactful network which widely spread across 19 high-traffic MTR stations.

You can also use different dynamic content*, such as weather information, UV index predictions, etc. to enrich your advertising content.

* JCDecaux Transport provides the following dynamic content:

i. Weather forecast

Ii. UV Index Forecast

Iii. Countdown

If advertiser has specific content requirements, JCDecaux Transport can provide relevant technical assistance.

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Daily Rate (HK$)
Start from HK$36,155
Minimum Booking Period:
4 week
Commencement Date:
Every Wednesday
Share of Time:
Advertising Contents:
System Operation:
19 hours from 06:00 to 25:00 daily
Advertising Format:
Panel only
No. of Digital Panels:
88 pairs
Screen Size:
Available Location:
19 stations (details refer to ratecard)
​​​​​​ Remarks:
  • Production cost is exclusive
  • Dynamic contents' data source is subject to separate quotation
  • Booking of advertising space is first-come-first serve basis and subject to availability
  • Other spot duration is subject to special request, please consult our sales representatives for the details offers.

**The product photos are for reference only and the price doesn't include the production cost and media cost of any Posters/Stickers